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Cane Rosso/Cow Tipping Collaboration!

"Red Dog" Stacker....."Dirt Cup" Dessert

Our First collaboration is with our partners Cane Rosso. I am working with chef Josh Healy of Cane Rosso to make one hell of a dessert for both shops. Josh was inspired by CTC's toppings to make a "Dirt Cup" for Cane Rosso.

Here are Josh's thoughts behind his inspiration:

"The "Dirt Cup," to me, is a simplistically classic dessert. It's something that my grandma used to make for my birthday every year. I added my own twists to it, of course, but it started as just Oreo-covered bowls of ice cream. When I saw CTC had all of these awesome dessert toppings when I first came on board at Cane Rosso, my first thought was that I could make a badass Dirt Cup out of this stuff, so when Corey asked me to do a Co-lab, I instantly knew my dessert!"

On the Cow Tipping Creamery side, our special Stacker of the Week is called "The Red Dog" (what "Cane Rosso" means in Italian). I saw Josh making dehydrated beet powder and was instantly inspired to make soft-serve with it. Just like all of my dessert designs, I usually start with one element, and it snowballs from there. I wanted to cut down on the earthiness of the beets by adding orange citrus. That balanced the flavors quite well. The Citrus Beet soft-serve paired with CR's creamy mascarpone (used in their classic Tiramisu), dark chocolate sauce, and bittersweet chocolate dust, makes a stunning and tasty dessert unlike any other that you have quite experienced before. I just love playing with different flavor profiles, and I think this one is a winner for sure. Are you brave enough to dig into the RED DOG? You won't be disappointed.

"Cow Tipping Dirt Cup"

A treat made of chef Josh's Nutella Mousse

Cow Tipping's Creamy Vanilla Ice cream

Brown Sugar Hot Fudge

Rummy Caramel Sauce

Malted Pretzel mix

Cocoa Cookie Crumb

A little about Chef Josh:

Originally from Central Florida, Chef Josh Healy spent the first few years working in Miami Fl training at renowned restaurants such as Yardbird Southern Table and Bar, Eating House Miami, Michael Mina 74, and Most recently Was Chef De Cuisine at Filament by Matt McCallister out of Dallas. He came to Cane Rosso Austin in July of 2017. "I want to make this place something special. I want people to come here casually, but also for date night. I think we have the unique opportunity with this location to accomplish that!"

- Corey Sorensen, CTC Founder

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