We just love ice cream!

We started a small, family-run ice cream truck because we just love ice cream! Every town, every city, every country that we visit, we search out local ice cream shops, talk to the artists, sample their creations, and learn something new. When we decided to embark on our own ice cream adventure, we knew that we wanted to do something very different from all the other creameries in our town. Since there were already quite a few hard scoop ice cream shops in Austin, TX, we decided to make our mark with unique soft serve creations. People have an emotional attachment to soft serve...fond childhood memories. Soft serve had not really evolved since we were kids. We wanted to change the way that people think about it, and let them experience it in a whole different way. It was time for soft serve to evolve, and we felt like we were up to the challenge of making it happen!

We want our ice cream to be amazing on its own, but also to be used as a canvas for incredible housemade and exotic toppings that are not usually associated with soft serve. We seek to keep people excited and create specials that compliment our featured flavors, while always keeping a menu of customer favorites.

We try to translate hard scoop flavor profiles into soft serve by by infusing fresh ingredients into our high quality dairy base. "Stackers" are our version of a sundae, constructed in alternating layers of our homemade toppings and baked goods throughout your dessert, so that the last bites are just as good as the first. Our goal is not only to make outstanding soft serve, but to bring to our customers a unique dessert that they have never experienced before. Since opening our first CTC food truck in North Austin in early 2012, we have now expanded to a South Austin brick & mortar location, as well as opening our first outpost in Dallas. We have big plans for the future, so stay tuned!


A dream on 4 wheels



4715 S. Lamar Blvd.

Sunset Valley, TX 78745


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3685 The Star Blvd., Suite 201

Frisco, TX 75034

(located at The Star)

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3501 Hulen St.

Fort Worth, TX 76107

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